Providing SOLUTIONS to innovative electrical engineering challenges in South Africa, the region and the continent.

CAVALDO ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS provides innovative approaches and solutions to engineering challenges in South Africa, the region and the continent.

The company enters the market where it can leverage its staffs' collective experience and reputation into long-term contracts centered on excellent service and cost effectiveness. We believe that we can service the market better than large firms and offer better service packages at a more reasonable cost than our competitors.

Company History

CAVALDO ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL CONTRACTOTS has been in business since 1998 previously trading as ANTIPODE INVESTMENTS. With an experienced team of both Electrical and Civil Engineers with wide experience in Rural and Urban electrification under our wings, our team of experts have been in involved in a number of huge projects.

Apart from involvement in electrical engineering projects, the company was also into mining, office and industrial electrical supplies.

What the company does

CAVALDO TRADING (PTY) LTD operates Engineering Contracting, Electrical parts and equipment supplies and associated technical works in South Africa, the Region and Globally. We ably service government, private and non-governmental sectors.

Our community focus and corporate responsibility ensure that we are dedicated to the protection of the environment in which it operates. We believe in the right of the individual employees to work in healthy and safe conditions. We are committed to supplying quality products and services to our clients and stakeholders.

Our aim is to perform these and other related activities, services and all business functions right the first time and every time as planned, in a sustainable manner.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the leading, go-to engineering solutions provider.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of CAVALDO ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL CONTRCATORS to provide innovative approaches to engineering related services and to build effective long-term relations with our clients with excellent services delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.


  • We serve our clients professionally and ethically
  • We minimise negative environmental impact on all our projects
  • We thrive to develop the communities we serve and eradicate poverty
  • We build sustainable relationships with all of our clients
  • We provide excellent services and quality

Business Goals & Objectives

We are committed to meeting the following objectives, as a means of maintaining
and developing our relationships with a growing number of clients:

  • We will provide our customers with industry leading levels of service quality, product and value.
  • We will ensure supportive relationships with our customers, employees and vendors to encourage communication and cooperation.
  • We will continuously improve our services and product to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, investors and the community.

Business Strategy

The general strategy of the company of the company is to provide:

  • Quality assured services and products
  • Efficient and cost effective operations
  • A fair financial return to our investors
  • Technical expertise and innovation
  • Excellent communications
  • High ethical standards
  • Employee involvement and teamwork
  • A safe, healthy and environmentally sound workplace

Economic Intent

CAVALDO ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS is a profit-making engineering solutions company that will ensure that investment made in its activities will yield profitable returns, while delivering world class solutions to the local, regional and global economy. While achieving this critical mandate, the company will engage in community development initiatives and those that secure the environment.

Clients & Partners